Why You Need to Speak Up About VA Loans

Many service members know little about the benefits of VA mortgages or may even hold negative views about them, according to a survery commissioned by Navy Federal Credit Union and Operation Homefront.

Based on a survey asking 1,000 active-duty service members and veterans nationwide, nearly half of all active-duty respondents believer VA loans have higher interest rates than conventional loans - which is not true. In addition, 17% of veterans and 45% of active-duty soldiers believe a down payment of more than 2% is necessary for a VA loan. The truth is that VA loans offer vets and military service members a chance to buy with 0% down.

It is important that all real estate profesionals educate themselves and their clients about the benefits that the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program can provide, while also helping to dispel common myths. Throughout the lifespan of the program, the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program has helped more than 25 million veterans purchase and maintain homes since the program's debut during WWII.


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