The Most and Least Profitable Home Improvement Projects for Trying to Sell

Most Westchester homeowners make one or two renovations before selling their property. Not all improvement projects, however, are created equal and interest buyers the same.

Best #1: Garage Door Replacement (93.8% ROI) On this list, here is the project that has the highest ROI. While very inexpensive (on average about #3,900), this project can improve the value and look of your property!

Best #2: Minor Kitchen Remodel (72.2% ROI) A smaller remodel, such as replacing laminate countertops, performing lighting upgrades, or repainting the walls and ceiling, can add a great amount of flair and value to your overall home.


Worst #1: Major Kitchen Remodel (53.9% ROI) While we discussed a minor upgrade as being one of the best you can make, oftentimes, when projects get too complex, the ROI starts to fade away. Remember you are trying to upgrade the property, not make it perfect.

Worst #2: Bathroom Addition (52.8% ROI) Currently during the pandemic and because of the supply crisis, materials related to many rehabs and additions have gone up and with the ROI on the lower side to begin with, it is not the best move.

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