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Here’s What Your Exterior House Color Says About You

As a kid, I loved clicking my seatbelt into place, sitting back, and watching houses whiz by the window as my mum cruised to my grandparents’ house. The 30-minute drive was ample time to review each and each home along the way, from whitewashed Colonials to little Capes with tan vinyl siding. I imagined what sorts of people lived inside these houses, dreaming up their personalities and therefore the storylines of their lives.

Since those days, I’ve come to note the importance of selecting a house’s exterior paint color. What quite person...

The Best Week of the Year for Homebuyers To Purchase Property

Homebuyers are through the wringer this past year. They’ve faced sky-high prices, epic bidding wars, and a historic shortage of properties purchasable . But if they wait just a touch bit longer, they'll be ready to get a foothold during this cutthroat housing market.

The best time to get a home are going to be the primary ...

5 Tips for Buyers in a Seller's Housing Market

There’s little question we’re during a seller’s housing market. With inventory at record lows, demand surging and costs on the increase , buying — even just finding — a range in today’s market is sort of the challenge.

Of course, nothing’s impossible. If buying a house is on your radar for 2021, there are still...