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How to Clean Ceiling Fans (and Stop Moving Dust Around!)

Ceiling fans improve air circulation, add a cool breeze during hot days, and even make a decorating statement. But have you taken a look at the blades when the spinning stops? They are dust magnets. If you see a layer of gray fuzz clinging to the edges of the blades, it's time for a cleaning—here's how to clean a ceiling fan without the mess.

Prep the Fan

Start by turning the fan off. Always use a sturdy step stool or ladder placed under the fan—no wobbly chairs! It's a good idea to have a spotter, just in case you fall. Open window coverings or add additional light sources so you have plenty of light while you work.

Pick a day that you also have time to dust and vacuum the room. Even if you spread...

Freddie Mac: 'First-Time Homebuyers are Driving the Market Forward'

There were many factors behind the substantial increase in homebuying since the beginning of the pandemic, including record-low mortgage rates, shifting homebuyer preferences towards larger living spaces, increased remote work opportunities, migration to more affordable exurban suburbs or cities, and greater investor activity in the single-family market.

However, one overlooked factor dwarfs them all - rise in first-time homebuyer purchases. First-time homebuyers are the major driver of the increase in demand. In 2021, Freddie Mac financed 554,000 loans for first-time homebuyers - up 22% from 2020 and the highest level since tracking of this data began. While the rise in mortgage rates has caused affordability to deteriorate in the last few months, first-time homebuyer activity as of March has held up more than repeat buyers in this uprate cycle.

One of the main drivers for the booming first-time homebuyer activity includes the demographic...