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Congratulations, You Bought A Home - Here's What You Need to Do Now

What should first-time homeowners know as they settle into their homes?

Congratulations, you bought a home! You overcame a myriad of homebuying obstacles to achieve the American dream. You also fixed your monthly housing payments and will hopefully be building equity for years to come. Now that you’re a homeowner, what comes next?

You might be itching to take down a non-load-bearing wall and start redecorating. However, there are a few more practical (i.e., way less fun) things to add to your to-do list first. Below are six steps new homeowners should take before they break out the sledgehammer.

1. Say hello to your neighbors

You might need more than to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbors. These folks are an invaluable source of local knowledge. They’re likely aware of any problems and quirks in your shared...

6 Outdated Habits To Lose If You Plan To Sell Your Home This Year

With a new year comes the urge to kick bad habits to the curb—hence the popularity of “Dry January,” for instance. But too much bubbly is hardly where our vices end.

If you’ve decided to sell your home this year, then it’s high time to make sure you’re in the right mindset to make it happen. Because let’s face it: Even in the best market conditions, selling a home can be a complex and stressful process where sellers might unknowingly make decisions that could backfire and kill the deal.

Here are a few things that should go out with the old year and what to do instead that will get your home sold for the price and terms you want.

Outdated Habit No. 1: Trying to Sell Your House on Your Own

If you believe the home-selling process is as complicated as it is, you might think adding another person to the mix—in the...