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In or Out? The Pandemic Trends That Are Here To Stay and the Ones That Are So Over

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a mad race for more space. Everyone seemed to want a larger house on more land where they could spread out, set up a home office and gym, and safely entertain friends and family on their terraces, decks, and patios.

Many of those home trends that took off are still going strong. Others, meanwhile, are going the way of social distancing. While the needs that arose during the pandemic may have shifted, many of the trends they inspired haven’t been lost. Many believe that the pandemic created significant changes in design and construction. So which trends are here to stay—and which have fallen out of favor as the pandemic ended?

Homes are Getting Smaller

The No. 1 thing on the wish list of most folks during the most claustrophobic days of the pandemic was more space. However, in the aftermath of those years, mortgage rates shot up and home...