Landscaping That Adds Value

Landscaping Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Though the real estate market is booming and home prices are already at record highs, it can't hurt to maximize the value of your property, particularly if you're considering listing it for sale. One of the ways to accomplish this is by investing in a well-chosen landscaping project, one that impresses potential buyers and entices them to pay a bit more to close the deal.

When it comes to getting the best price for your home, the power of landscaping to increase your home's value can't be overlooked. First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is what potential buyers notice first...It will signal to buyers that they can expect the same from the interior and bones of the house." What's more, data repeatedly shows that curb appeal, in the form of attractive landscaping, goes a long way. Sellers can attach anywhere from 5% to 12% more value to their home (depending on where the property is located) with a well-maintained landscape.

1. Plan Trees

One word: trees. It's the landscaping project nearly every expert recommends for increasing a home's value. Trees can add up to $9,000 to your home's value, but you should grow them a distance from the septic system, driveways, and the house itself to prevent any potential interferences that can cause the value to decrease.

2. Spruce up the front walkway

Your walkway is part of a potential buyer's first impression. So, spend some time making your walkway and entrance look picture-perfect. Even by simply planting flowers on both sides of the walkway and keeping the walkways illuminated properly, will create a great ambiance for the house.

3. Invest in a well-maintained lawn

Neglecting your lawn is like leaving money on the table. As a general rule for landscaping, your home should look at least as nice as the neighboring homes. At the very least, home sellers should have the lawn mowned, trees pruned, weeds pulled, and garden spruced up with seasonal flowers, if possible.

4. Install landscape lighting

Attractive landscape lighting not only enhances security around your home, it also increases your property's value. Lighting also helps maximize your property's curb appeal, ensuring that all of the landscaping work you invested in can actually be seen any time of day.

5. Create Privacy

Offering a sense of privacy is generally an important selling factor for homes. Thoughtfully designed landscaping is one way to achieve this desirable goal. Houses that have big windows are among the most-liked houses because the windows keep the interior well-lit, but bigger windows mean people can look into the house from outside. If the house has big windows, planting shrubs or hedges will complement the house and at the same time [provide] privacy."

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