It's All in the Planning: Adding Value to Your Home With a Bathroom Renovation

Adding more bathroom space to your home or renovating an outdated bathroom can improve your home's functionality and increase its value. When planning your new bathroom it’s important to take design and function into account. To get the maximum benefit and value from your investment, there are several factors to consider:
1.) Space : A primary factor is an evaluation of the available space that can be devoted to your new bathroom. This is especially important for expanding families. If there aren't enough bathrooms in the house, you may want to add one. Or, perhaps better use of the existing space could be made by improving the layout and features of the current bathroom.
2) Features:  Considering how the bathroom will be used, by whom and how frequently, will dictate what features to include. A guest or hall bath generally has fewer features than a master bath. You'll need to make decisions about basics like lighting, number of sinks and the amount of counter space you'll need.
3.) Storage: Storage space is always a big concern and should be considered during your planning phase. The intended use of the bathroom should determine how much storage space you’ll need.
4) Eco Friendly : Many contemporary bathroom fixtures are designed with water-saving features. Many new toilets, shower heads and sink faucets provide the ability to manage water usage.
5) Design Flexibility : designing a bathroom that is usable by people of all ages, sizes, and abilities or disabilities will increase your home's appeal to a wider range of buyers in the future.  
When thinking about home improvements, consider conferring with the Marciano team. We can act as a guide and trusted advisor to help you get the most value out of your renovation.
So as you begin to consider investing in home improvements, give Michael a call to discuss the cost-effectiveness of renovations and how renovations will impact the marketability of your home. The Marciano Team can be reached at 914-437-6292 .

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