Here’s What Your Exterior House Color Says About You

As a kid, I loved clicking my seatbelt into place, sitting back, and watching houses whiz by the window as my mum cruised to my grandparents’ house. The 30-minute drive was ample time to review each and each home along the way, from whitewashed Colonials to little Capes with tan vinyl siding. I imagined what sorts of people lived inside these houses, dreaming up their personalities and therefore the storylines of their lives.

Since those days, I’ve come to note the importance of selecting a house’s exterior paint color. What quite person opts for a dark brown versus a muted green, for example? What does that selection say about them? Here, find what a paint color might say about you.

You’re classic.

Just because you’re a lover of classic design doesn’t mean you’re boring. Your crimson house is proof of that. you've got a robust sense of what looks good to you, and you stick with it. It’s why you’re drawn to antiques, too — that vintage cocktail table in your front room has charm, yes, but it also harkens to simpler times when there weren’t always numerous decisions to form .

You’re energetic.

Every time you’ve decided to maneuver , whether to a replacement apartment or into your first house, you’ve looked for a home with entertaining in mind. Sure, everybody on HGTV likes to entertain, too, but you're keen on it just a touch more. You were born with boundless energy, and you enjoyment of sharing that energy with others at gatherings you’ve planned. They’re bright, cheery, and fun-filled parties, a bit like your sunny yellow abode.

You’re stylish.

Some people equate the words trendy and classy , but not you. You’re all style, no trend. simply because dark gray is in doesn’t mean you’re submitting to trends if you wish it — it means everyone else is catching up to your sense of favor . Similarly, you’ve been known to require calculated risks once in a while , and they’ve always paid off. Becoming the sole house that’s not pastel-colored on your street was one among them. And boy, was it worthwhile .

You’re traditional.

You’d agree that tradition exists for a reason. The clean presentation of a white house with black shutters, for instance , is timeless. But what you actually love about this look is how straightforward it's . When the white paint starts to dull, it’s time for a replacement coat. No guessing games here, just easy-to-understand (and easy enough to perform) maintenance.

You’re reliable.

You’re the foremost loyal friend you recognize , and that’s saying something, considering you've got tons of wonderful friends. Being thought of as a solid person — someone you'll rest on — may be a great quality! Your brick apartment house is secure during a way, too. albeit you’ve been a renter for years, you recognize you won’t leave this place anytime soon. How could you, when all of your best pals unlive the street?

You’re caring.

Your neighbors and friends get jealous of you from time to time, but you almost certainly haven’t noticed. They covet how grounded you're . It’s easy to ascertain what proportion you unabashedly love where you reside what proportion you respect the good outdoors, and the way much pride you're taking in your yard. The outdoor string lights bedecking your side-yard patio are just the icing on the mossy-green cake.

You’re calm.

There’s a particular sort of one that switches the design of their home every few years just to liven things up. this is often not you, of course. You’re susceptible to playing it safe and there’s nothing wrong thereupon . It’s a really good thing, actually, once you consider what proportion can change from day to day and year to year. Craving stability is merely natural, very similar to the shade of tan your home is painted in.

Light Gray
You’re trendy.

The glossy magazine you’ve been known to toss into your beach bag is usually a shelter mag. you're keen on to ogle home design trends, albeit you don’t always employ them in your own house. Still, there’s no denying gray may be a popular look lately , which is why you splashed your shingles with a can of sunshine gray paint. Call it Trend Lite, a bit like your aesthetic.

You’re an old soul.

If it had been possible to try to to a double-take at photos on Instagram (a scroll-back, perhaps?) you’d roll in the hay to those over-the-top retro images. you recognize those — rooms with orange shag carpets, kitchens with lime-green cabinets. Throwback vibes are your pillars of favor , which is why your suburban split level is painted a really ’70s shade of chocolate brown.

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